One of the major hurdles in organizing a dog show, is to collect and process the entries to the show. Koiranä is a service that aims to simplify that process. The main idea is to provide an interface that is geared towards the users. Data entry needs to be easy and redundancy should be avoided at all cost.

From the organizers point of view, the goal is to make gathering and processing data as easy as possible. This means that we need to be flexible and provide information in real time. That way we can reduce the workload of the organizers.

For the show organizers

The idea behind the site is to be small but offer powerful features for show organizers. We constantly improve the site based on feedback from the organizers so that we can best fit their needs.

We can change so you don't have to.



The logo in the top right corner is by Mike Baird (CC BY 2.0)